Makeup For Female Soldiers

Makeup is for each of all types female soldiers but for more customizable, each mod is include only one female solider type, then you can combine many type which you wish.

Only for female type W0(Flaming Buffalo,Smoking Wallaby,...), you need one additional mod to fix it to visible makeup on Female type W0, and you must first install fixer mod and next other makeup mods.

All Makeup mods can be used separately.

All Makeup mods can be used with Female Head Model Edits Mod(by Morbidslinky) but can't be used with New Female Hair Colors Mod(by Morbidslinky).


if you selected the character(W0 Type), but she is without makeup!! (and you installed fixer mod before of makeup mods) for fix this, just re-select her again.


Quiet Makeup

You can use quiet makeup for default quiet and sniper wolf quiet and XOF quiet.

Sniper Wolf Black Dress:

You can use Sniper Wolf Black Dress with makeup.
and also you can use it with hair recolor(blond highlight).

Makeup For Default Quiet
Quiet Blonde Hair Makeup And Black Sniper Wolf Dress
Makeup For XOF Quiet

Swap Voice of Male Soldiers(Type d) With Female Soldier

If you wish play as quiet but replace she with Male Soldier, male voice not interested when play game as quiet. then you can use this mod for resolve it

Most important voices are replaced with female voices.

this mod only have effect on male soldier type d, and not effective for other type soldiers.

You can see a soldier type d in image, and other soldiers type d are look like this soldier.

Also You can find a soldier type d(soldiers are one of the four types(type a, type b, type c or type d)),


if you have any hang(freeze) after use it, tell me place of that in game, and if you can find dialog or voice that was reason of hang game tell me to resolve it.


Play As Quiet With Makeup

there are quiet makeups wit default quiet and sniper wolf quiet and XOF quiet.

Makeup will be used on the:

Female Battle Dress.
Female parasite Suit.
Male Sneaking Suit.
Male Battle Dress.
Male parasite Suit.

Play As Quiet With Makeup And Multi Dress And Head


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